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Monday Moment Of Zen – Eye Of The Tiger

I had to post this video because I am having flowing gold fabric walls installed in the office this week! Oh man, I WISH that was true. I’ll probably just walk down the street looking menacing in slow motion with my friends all week instead.

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My New Website Is Finally Live! (2011 Edition)

My new website for 2011, www.sondersphotography.com, is finally launched! iPhone and iPad mirror sites should also work so anyone can view (hopefully). I’ve incorporated my video work and some of my personal work. I will be launching my personal series “The Tour Photographer” in the next week or so and more personal work will appear in the coming months. Now with any new site, there may be some bugs. Let me know if you have any issues viewing or navigating the site. Otherwise, hope you like it!

Next… transitioning my blog to my own server off of wordpress.com. Yikes!

Spread the word! Check it out!

“I Still Have A Soul (HBO Boxing)”

Every once in awhile I will post a video (other than Monday Moment of Zen days) because I find it just epic/moving and feel compelled to share it. Check out this 3 minute video, which apparently serves as an ad for HBO’s series “Boxing After Dark.” I would definitely watch a show on this guy, wouldn’t you?

Monday Moment Of Zen – Journey Separate Ways

I recently ran across the video for this famous Journey song. To be honest, for such an EPIC 80’s hit, this is one pretty silly video. What’s with all of the mis-timed air guitar, synthesizer mounted to the side of a warehouse, and the girl with a Macgyver mullet? Well, whatever you think about the video, I hope you will rock out to the song while you check out my new photography website, which launches this week.

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News Of The Week (January 3, 2011)


  • Speaking of my new site, look for some of my new personal photos I have been working on that will be posted soon on that new website design. I will make an announcement when they go up.
  • I will be holding my photography workshop in the D.C. area on this Saturday (January 8). We already have a nice big group of people, but still have a few slots open for those that are interested. Click this link for more information.

Recent Article About My Company In DC Modern Luxury Magazine

You will find this article about myself and my 8112 Studios co-producer, Nicholas Cambata, and our quickly growing video production company in the current issue (January 2011) of DC Modern Luxury Magazine. I cannot believe all the press we have been getting from print to web to television recently and a lot more is coming in the new year. Thank you for all of your continued support.

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Catch My Live Interview Online January 6, 2011 Discussing My Work

The online photography show Smibs.tv has invited me back on January 6, 2011 (2pm east coast time) for an hour to discuss my career. Subjects like my craziest photo and video shoots, career lessons, and photo techniques will come up and there will be a change for people to tweet in questions to the show.

You will be able to see and interact to the show here: http://www.smibs.tv/live

Of course, you can also come to my workshop January 8, 2011 and learn more directly! Still a few spots left. CLICK HERE for more info on the workshop.

My Workshop Giveaways Starting To Arrive

Giveaways and swag from my sponsors are starting to arrive. Giving over $2000 of photography stuff away to lucky members of my photo workshop next month. More info on my January 8, 2011 photography workshop here: http://tinyurl.com/2ckkal6

Thank you sponsors!

My New Photography Website Nearly Here!

I am pretty excited to say this, but my new photography website (www.sondersphotography.com) is due to go live by January 1, 2011 (if not a few days after barring any serious issues). Expect LOADS of new content: my video production company work will be integrated, I will showcase some of my personal photo series (from my movie/tv car series “The Unicorn Project”, to my photos from living on rock and roll tour busses over the years), and I will showcase more of my photo portfolio. This new design will allow for more regular updates of my work for you to check out! Also, my site will be easily viewed on devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Soon after my website design is live, my blog re-design process will start. It’s gonna be a messy job getting everything moved over and re-organized, but I had to get it done at some point!

Anyway, stay tuned and I will announce on my twitter/blog when the new site is up. Thank you for all of your support in 2010 and beyond!

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Video Projects & Updates (Week of December 27, 2010) – Mya And Cedric Gervais Video


Im holding the Red Cinema Camera we used on recent Mya / Cedric Gervais music video

You may have seen my 8112 Studios production company co-founder, Nicholas Cambata, and myself on ABC & NBC News discussing our most recent music video project with Mya and Cedric Gervais. You may recall my post from the other day about casting for this project. The song is called “Love Is The Answer” and will be out soon.


Mya, Nicholas, and myself (Left to Right) being interviewed for ABC News on our first day of filming


Myself, Mya, Cedric Gervais, and Nicholas (left to right)

Washington D.C.’s CBS affiliate also posted an article about us (8112 Studios) on their website last week as well:

Just off her charitable weekend in the District, Grammy Award Winning Mýa was back in Washington this week to bring a little Hollywood to our Nation’s Capitol with her new music video,“Love is the Answer”. When seeking where and who would shoot her video … 8112 studios was the obvious “answer” to the singer.  “It is important for me to continue to put D.C. on the map because DC is where I come from, these are my roots which have molded me and influenced me so I love to bring attention and notoriety to my hometown.  D.C. is traditionally associated with just politics but D.C. has so much more.  D.C. has great restaurants, nightlife, great art and a melting pot of culture.  D.C. is the next market to blow up,” said Mýa.

Mýa will join a long list of A-list celebrities who have recently revolved inside of 8112 studios, from Lady Gaga to Justin Bieber.  8112 recently won its first MTV award for best dance video for Ian Carey’s “Get Shaky”.  This will be the third music video project for a major artist or record label that 8112 Studios has brought to Washington, DC within a six month period.  8112 Studios casted locally and enlisted Washington area businesses to provide services or merchandize for the music video.  The video will take place in D.C.’s Lima Lounge. Charm Georgetown will be providing accessories and Sam Kavenchy of Kavenchy Salon and his staff will provide hair and make-up styling for Mýa and the supporting cast. Mercedes Benz USA is providing a Maybach 57.

“Love is the Answer”, is an upbeat dance/house track and is a departure from Mýa’s past R&B records. “In the past, I have had dance remixes to my singles that have a upbeat house feel and I always wanted to do a whole album.  So I thought what better time than now where record labels and audiences are a little more open to unconventional music,” said Mýa.

She collaborates her vocals with world renowned producer Cedric Gervais, who was a fan of her work and sought to work with her.  His production credits include working with the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Deep Dish, Steve Lawler, and Rachel Star, just to name a few. Currently, Cedric is working on his highly anticipated second album, “Miamication” expected for release soon.

When asked when we can expect a performance of the new single in Washington,  Mýa coyly said with her signature smile, “It may be sooner than you think”.


Mya on our set discussing with NBC the video project and about working with us:)


Revamp.com also did a story on our video company and the shoot itself:

NORTHWEST — Washington’s bold and beautiful are intimately familiar with the K Street hotspot known as LIMA Restaurant & Lounge. However, the three-tiered venue was injected with an even larger dose of glamour on Wednesday, in serving as the backdrop for the latest Mya and Cedric Gervais music video project titled “Love is The Answer”.

A decidedly homespun D.C. collaboration, last week’s production saw the locally-based 8112 Studios team takeover virtually every nook and cranny of the popular nighttime destination for a marathon 20+ hour video shoot.

Founded in 2008 by Nicholas Cambata and Douglas Sonders, the duo behind 8112 wasted no time in establishing themselves as two of the city’s “most creative innovators” (Washington Life Magazine, November 2010), having collaborated with everyone from Lady Gaga to Kaskade.

Indeed, the “Love is The Answer” music video production represents the third music video for a major artist or record label that 8112 has brought to the District in the last six months alone! In so doing, “Nick” and “Doug”, as they’re known to friends (of which they have thousands), have become the city’s de facto creative ambassadors to Hollywood.

Wednesday’s whirlwind shoot at LIMA was the project’s second and final day of production, with the first filmed the day before inside the plush interior of the very first 2011 Maybach 57 (street value $~400,000) ever to grace U.S. streets — a production coup months in the making arranged by Mercedes-Benz USA and EuroMotorcars Bethesda.

But with 200 extras and a dozen or so different scenery changes, LIMA clearly represented 8112’s Everest. The venue’s tasteful ground and upper floors, normally packed with happy customers at night, were temporarily littered with case after case of expensive camera and lighting equipment the day of filming.

For purposes of the production, LIMA’s ground floor served as the setting for the video’s “performance pieces” (think dance routines) while the second floor’s exclusive VIP area, known simply as VETRO (Italian for “glass”), functioned as the backdrop for all of the “club shots.”

Sam Kavenchy‘s Kavenchy Spa Salon and M Street’s Wink boutique, the project’s respective hair/makeup and clothing sponsors, ensured that Mya and all of the extras exuded elements of both style and sophistication throughout Wednesday’s shoot (Neiman Marcus’ Mazza Gallerie location outfitted Mya during the Maybach scene), while Charm Georgetown provided all of the gleaming accessories featured throughout the production.

With the “Love is The Answer” song originally inspired by Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley‘s NoH8 Campaign (and serving as its official theme song), 8112’s treatment for the video portrays Mya and Cedric on a mission to spread love and unity throughout a divided world.

Based on the creativity, teamwork, and, dare we say it, love (hugs and high-fives were liberally doled out at the 3:30 a.m. finish), on display during last week’s music video shoot, I think it’s finally safe to again say, “Mission accomplished.”

“Love is The Answer” is produced by Cedric Gervais and will be released next month under the Ultra Records imprint.

Also, I want send a special shoutout to Mercedes Benz USA and Mike Lugo and Eric Scott of Euro Motorcars Bethesda, MD for arranging and delivering us the first 2011 Maybach 57 in the United States (see photo below) in time for our video shoot. It’s not every day a major manufacturer just gives you one of the world’s most luxurious $400,000+ sedan for free!


Thanks Mercedes USA for donating a free $400,000+ prop vehicle for our shoot! The 2011 Maybach 57 is epic!

When this video is edited and done I will have a million thank you messages to post (forgive me if I missed any names this round!)… from our amazing DP John Vallon, to our clothing styling team (Poodle Pushers), Howard Lee of EPG PR who helped arranged clothing sponsors like Charm and WINK, our dedicated publicist Pergrin Pervez, our talented behind the scenes video producer Addison Wright, associate producer Shawn Lucas of HipsterOverkill.com, our set builder Ed Mantell, our grip Louise Hernon, our AD Gavin Perettiour, and our hard-working army of PA’s, and Sam Kavenchy for hair/makeup and donating his salon for casting and pre-styling.


Myself, our DP John Vallon, and Nicholas discuss our scenes

More after the link…

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Monday Moment of Zen – Pets And Wrapping Paper

The holidays may be over, but it’s never too late to enjoy pets versus wrapping paper videos. There’s a dog and cat video for you animal lovers out there. Although, I’ll admit, the music is a little maddening.

Have a great week! Keep warm.

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Updates & Giveaways! My DC Photography Workshop January 8, 2011


Limited edition Lost Luggage 8.5x11 fir wood landscape portfolio book and silver arsenal aluminum case ($440 value!). One of my workshop giveaways.

My photo workshop (see original link with all the info here) is more than half-booked in the first week! So far, sponsors like Phase One, Blinkbid Software, Lost Luggage, Ona Bags, ThinkTank Bags, & Lensbaby have donated nearly $2,000 worth of special giveaways that members of my workshop will have a chance to win including FREE software from Phase One, a free custom portfolio book and case from Lost Luggage, a free lens from Lensbaby, and bags. Also, people that attend will receive special coupons for discounts on various photo gear/tech that will help you run your photography business. I want people that come to my workshop to not only enjoy themselves and learn a lot about lighting and photoshoot protocol, but also walk away with resources that help them grow their own photography business.

You can still reserve one of your spots in the January 8, 2011 photography workshop HERE


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Phase One's NEW Capture One Pro 6 Software. A $399 value is another giveaway from one of my great sponsors

Certificate for FREE Lensbaby Scout with Fisheye Attachment to fit your SLR camera, a $250 value!


The lovely Juelles Chester has signed up to be one of my featured demonstration models for the workshop, with more to be announced!

Monday Moment of Zen – Stick ‘Em!

80’s throwback this Monday. I used to LOVE listening to the Fat Boys when I was a kid. Anyone remember the Fat Boys movie?

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Our Music Video Starring A Victoria Secret / Playboy Cover Model (Alina Puscau)… Oh Yeah, This Happened

My 8112 Studios production company co-producer, Nicholas Cambata, and I were recruited by director Brett Ratner (XMen, Rush Hour, & many others) to shoot the new music video of model/actress Alina Puscau under our production company, 8112 Studios. The video just went live this week via our client, Ultra Records.

Nicholas and I shot this entire video with Canon 5D Mark 2 cameras over a 2 day period in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. The video was for Alina’s new single “Red Light” and we chose to go for a female-assasin concept where the “red light” was the laser beam from her weapon.

We created some Kill Bill inspired animation sequences, which you will see in the video teaser above. The shoot was more of a party than a job. We had an amazing crew: Jenna Marie & Lauren Clark for hair/makeup, Tommy Built handling the real weapons on set, and a bunch of other folks helping out.

You’ll notice the laser scene in the video. We had 6 production assistants holding red laser pointers while filling the set using a fog machine. Im glad it came out like it did! The team did a great job on styling and makeup as well.

My mom has never had a chance to come to set to see me work (both of our busy schedules and me working on the road all of the time). Mind you, she doesn’t have a background in film / photo and you can only imagine my mom coming to set and seeing 20 or so members of my crew, real class 3 assault weapons, a victoria secret model, and various other models running round my house in tiny leather outfits. HAHA. I can’t stop laughing at the thought of her reaction. She was so surprised, but really enjoyed herself. Thankfully she is open-minded.

Wether you are in to this genre of music or not, I hope you enjoy the visuals Nicholas and I created on a very limited music video budget! These days you have to be creative with what you spend on props, locations, and lighting/equipment to not come out at a loss. Music videos are often a work of passion and are not big money makers, but great reel-builders. I profit more from my corporate/advertising video projects, obviously, but have a lot of fun doing these music videos where I can have some great artistic freedom.

See below for more behind the scenes photos and feel free to ask any production questions.



Nora, Jenn, & Alina in anime-form

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My Photography Workshop January 8, 2011 In The Washington D.C. Area

Date and location are finally set! Saturday, January 8, 2011 I will be holding a beginner / intermediate lighting workshop at Studio 206 in Alexandria, Virginia (206 South Union Street, Alexandria, VA 22314) just outside of Washington D.C.

Who am I? Why take a workshop from me?

If you are new to my blog/website/work, I am a commercial/editorial photographer and filmmaker that spends a lot of time on the road shooting unique and challenging projects. I’ve lived on rock and roll tour busses, ridden on tanks, hung out of helicopters feet from the ground chasing race vehicles, raced Lamborghinis, run around the White House, made Lenny Kravitz blush, swam in the grotto… all in the pursuit of my fun professional photography photoshoot adventures. You may have seen my work in your favorite magazines or album covers, possibly a billboard or two, maybe even on television.

I’ve been profiled in PDN (Photo District News) a few times for my photography, and had a nice piece done about my on-location lighting techniques (LINK – September 2008) in the magazine. I’ve also been named one of Washington D.C.’s “top creative innovators” and one of D.C.’s most influential under 40 for the film work my video company does.

I’ve travelled hundred’s of thousands of miles over the years on jobs and have learned how to make shoots work no matter what unforeseen situation pops up (and they will, trust me). I am sure this workshop will be a unique and enlightening experience for you as I share my knowledge “from the road.”

Who would best benefit from this workshop?

You should have a good understanding of photography. You should know how to change the white balance, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO on your digital SLR. It’s ok if you aren’t a lighting expert, though, because you will learn the fundamentals as well as advanced techniques from this workshop with the assistance of our lovely models. In addition, I will touch on photography business/marketing practices that should help new professionals, as well as those that have already been shooting for awhile.

Don’t forget the great photography swag giveaways and special surprises that will be announced in the coming days!

What to expect from the workshop:

  • Learn the best way to utilize your DSLR’s features to create your desired effect (color, depth of field, motion)
  • Learn creative strobe lighting techniques with limited amounts of equipment. Not everyone can afford to have 4+ strobes on set for a shoot. Learn to make the most with 1-3 strobes on a limited budget / limited equipment availability.
  • Learn more advanced lighting portrait setups in-studio and outside (if weather permits)
  • Have a chance to shoot with your own camera with our lovely provided models
  • Time for Q&A about photography business practices, software, professional photoshoot protocol, and of course sharing fun photoshoot stories
  • Catering will be provided
  • Workshop members will receive exclusive coupons, swag, and giveaways from camera gear sponsors. As of now, we have awesome giveaways from Phase One (giving away 1 new Capture Pro 6 software, a $399 value!), Blinkbid photo business software, Think Tank Bags, Ona Bags & more to be announced in the coming days!
  • Check back for more surprises to be announced soon!

Workshop starts at 10:30am and should go approximately 6-8 hours

Cost for the workshop is only $300 and limited space is available!

You just need to bring your DSLR, something to take notes with, and an open mind.

You can reserve your spot via Paypal by clicking this link

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It Has Been A Busy Week! MYA / Cedric Gervais Music Video Preparation – “Love Is The Answer”


Me (middle-left) & Nicholas (middle-right) doing the music video casting call. Obviously, we take this very seriously.

My 8112 Studios production company co-founder, Nicholas Cambata, and I (under our production company 8112 Studios) were contracted by a record label to film Mya’s (yes, this one) & DJ Cedric Gervais’ new music video for their song “Love Is The Answer.” I feel very very lucky that I get to do fun projects like this with my best friend of 20 years and artists like Mya and Cedric. One day I am going to write a book about our crazy adventures.

Cannot give too many specific details on the video itself yet, but we are very busy pre-producing so we can film next week!

Revamp.com did a story on our production company and a little on the video project (original article link with more photos):

Since she first exploded onto the R&B charts in April 1998 with her platinum-selling eponymous debut album, Grammy Award-winning recording artistMya (born Mya Harrison) has performed at venues all over the world and collaborated with everyone from Christina Aguilera to Pink to Lil Wayne.

However, the Baltimore native has never forgotten her “DMV” roots. Indeed, in searching for a production company to shoot her latest music video — a dance-friendly collaboration with superstar DJ Cedric Gervais — she and label Ultra Records quickly zeroed-in on the District’s own 8112 Studios.

Founded in 2008 by Nicholas Cambata and Douglas Sonders, the 8112 team has quickly become one of the city’s most sought after production companies, with a client list that includes Apple, National Geographic, and Universal.

Titled “Love is The Answer”, Mya’s latest video follows her and Gervais as they heat things up at a swanky VIP club throughout the night. And naturally, with every club setting comes a matching set of beautiful people.

Hence the casting call conducted by 8112 on Sunday afternoon at The Reserve on L Street. With a bevy of talented women and men in attendance, Nicholas and Douglas meticulously interviewed each candidate, focusing specifically on elements of style and individuality.

Sam Kavenchy of Kavenchy Spa Salon and Howard J. Lee of Georgetown’s Charm Boutique, two of the video’s sponsors, were also on-hand to help advise on hair, styling, and accessorizing concerns.

“Love is The Answer” will be shot on-location in D.C. on December 21st and 22nd, with post production to be completed locally by 8112 soon thereafter.


Metromix Washington D.C. also did some coverage on us and the music video (original link):

Some of the city’s finest ladies and gents came out to The Reserve this weekend for a casting call for Mya and Cedric Gervaise’s new music video for “Love is the Answer”. Scheduled to shoot in DC at the end of December, Mya and Cedric have locked in the local talent of Nicholas and Douglas from 8112 Studios to cast and shoot the video. Though we can’t share too many details just yet, we can promise that the celeb cameos and luxurious props will make this video one that you will not want to miss!


A short clip of Cedric & Mya working on the song in-studio

Follow my twitter account for on-set photos, teasers, and updates next week. We are going to have a lot of fun stuff going on!

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Talking to some of the ladies at the casting call at Kavency Salon

Monday Moment Of Zen – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Holiday Style)

They holidays are here! Everyone panic! No worries, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are here to ease your wrapping worries… with… a rap.

Have a great week everyone!

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My Followers Get A Free Gift From ThinkTank Photo

Plan on ordering a sweet new camera bag soon from ThinkTank? Readers of my blog get a free bag with any order $50 or more.

You may recall my review of my primary camera bag, The Airport Security 2.0, for example.

Thanks for following my blog! I should have more special offers from other companies for my loyal readers soon.:)

All you have to do is visit this link HERE to take part in this special offer.

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Catch Me Online Discussing iPhone Photography – “Photo Espresso” Interview


Note the rocky montage on the screen cap

The online TV show “Photo Espresso” had me on today with a couple of other photographers to discuss my iPhone photography, my favorite apps and devices, and the use of the technology in my everyday life as a commercial photographer. It was 90 minutes of photo fun!

You can check out the episode re-runs here: http://www.smibs.tv/live

“Photo Espresso” is having me back on January 6, 2011 at 2pm east coast time, 11am Pacific to discuss my photoshoots, adventures, and business advice. You will be able to ask questions live!

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Taking an iPhone photo of a show about iPhone photography. Oh snap!


Just Picked Up One Of These Bad Boys – The Fader [Variable] Neutral Density Mark 2 Filter

Just took delivery of one of these fantastic variable-setting neutral density filters (The Fader ND Mark 2 from Light Craft Worshop to be exact). Attach and rotate it at the end of your lens, much like a circular polarizer, and it will give you 2 – 8 stops of neutral density. Pretty ingenious design because you get 8 filters in one! Not sure what an ND filter is? See the wikipedia definition below:

The use of an ND filter allows the photographer to utilize a larger aperture that is at or below the diffraction limit, which varies depending on the size of the sensory medium (film or digital) and for many cameras, is between f/8 and f/11, with smaller sensory medium sizes needing larger sized apertures, and larger ones able to use smaller apertures.

Instead of reducing the aperture to limit light, the photographer can add a ND filter to limit light, and can then set the shutter speed according to the particular motion desired (blur of water movement, for example) and the aperture set as needed (small aperture for maximum sharpness or large aperture for narrow depth of field (subject in focus and background out of focus). Using a digital camera, the photographer can see the image right away, and can choose the best ND filter to use for the scene being captured by first knowing the best aperture to use for maximum sharpness desired. The shutter speed would be selected by finding the desired blur from subject movement. The camera would be set up for these in manual mode, and then the overall exposure then adjusted darker by adjusting either aperture or shutter speed, noting the number of stops needed to bring the exposure to that which is desired. That offset would then be the amount of stop needed in the ND filter to use for that scene.

Examples of this use include:

  • Blurring water motion (e.g. waterfalls, rivers, oceans).
  • Reducing depth of field in very bright light (i.e. daylight).
  • When using a flash on a camera with a focal-plane shutter, exposure time is limited to the maximum speed -often 1/250th of a second, at best- at which the entire film or sensor is exposed to light at one instant. Without an ND filter this can result in the need to use f8 or higher.
  • Using a wider aperture to stay below the diffraction limit.
  • Reduce the visibility of moving objects
  • Add motion blur to subjects

I know this sounds great and all, but I know what you REALLY want is to see this device in action! I will be demonstrating using photo strobes and a portrait subject, so check back the blog soon!

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Jack Bauer, Your Camera/Laptop Bag Is Here – ONA Union Street Bag Review

ONA started their bag company by creating a camera bag made for the lady photographer, by a lady photographer (it looked like a stylish purse). They are expanding their bag line by introducing their new Union Street camera & laptop bag, which is more styled for the man-photographer (as I quietly beat my chest with my fists in an ape-like display of photo-masculinity) but certainly could be used by women as well.

If you wanted to skip the reading part I did a short video review (see below) of the bag. Otherwise continue on!

I took delivery of the “Ranger Tan” bag model last week (see their file photo above) and have been using it to carry my 15″ Mac Pro Laptop, 5D Mark 2 with vertical grip, and 3 lenses. My first impression was that this bag is absolutely beautiful. I’ll admit it, I put it on right away and looked in the mirror and felt like Jack Bauer, the main character from Fox’s TV show “24,” if he was a badass trouble-making photographer. YEEEEAAAHHHH! Jack’s character had a similar-looking canvas messenger bag in the show.


Screen caps of the character Jack Bauer and his sweet messenger bag

The bag has a main compartment for the camera, laptop and lenses/larger accessories. There is a smaller front zip compartment for items like card readers, power adapter, business cards, kindle, cell phone, etc. There is a sleeve on the back of the bag for a magazine or two. The bag itself has been designed to carry a DSLR (with or without vertical grip), up to 3 lenses, and a 15″ laptop. The exterior is made of premium waxed canvas, leather, and brass buckles and clasps. The bag overall exudes quality and style with fantastic build quality.

Based on the size, I would not use this particular bag on a regular job because I need too much gear on-set, but is great for weekend/day trips and meetings. I never was a briefcase guy myself and this suits my personality well I think. Sure, at $279, there are other laptop/camera bag options that may be cheaper from competitors, but in my opinion, none that look and feel as stylish and well-built/designed as the Union Street. I would keep a lookout for ONA, I think you will be hearing a lot more about them in the future.


The bag's main compartment


The front pouch


The back of the bag and magazine/paper pouch


The Union Street is on sale now and starts shipping today, December 8, 2011.

Check out ONA’s website here: http://www.onabags.com/

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Lighting Workshop Coming Up Soon (January 9, 2011)!

That’s right, working on a sweet lighting workshop for January 9, 2011 in the Washington DC area. Stay tuned and I will fill you in with plenty of details on what we will cover, where, when, how, etc. I promise you, this will not be one to miss! I am also planning a lighting workshop for the New York City area as well as a Photoshop workshop in the near future with myself and my retoucher. Thanks for following!

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My Dukes of Hazzard “General Lee” Photos Are On CNBC

Regular readers of my blog may recall the photoshoot I did with an original Dukes of Hazzard “General Lee” last year. Well, today, CNBC did a story on movie cars and used a couple of my shots. Pretty funny to see these images of mine up on their site, even if they did mis-credit my photos😉 I loved doing that photoshoot.

You can see the article HERE

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Don’t forget to check out my photography website: http://www.sondersphotography.com

Monday Moment of Zen – Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Clever

Words of wisdom from our Austrian friend, Arnold. Watching this video makes me want to blast rock music and shoot guns.

Have a great week everyone!

Follow my regular updates, adventures, & links on Twitter: http://twitter.com/douglassonders

Don’t forget to check out my photography website: http://www.sondersphotography.com


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